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Documents to Retain for IRS Form 2290

November 16, 2021

Documents to Retain for IRS Form 2290 The first thing you will need to do after filling out form 2290 is to keep all of the receipts and paperwork related to the purchase and use of the vehicle. Keep the purchase and registration papers and an insurance card, and always keep a copy of the 2290 form that you submit.Another thing that you will need to do is to keep a copy of the form 2290 that was submitted as well as the tax payment receipt. This is important as it will show that the vehicle has been reported and will be an invaluable source of information should there be a question or dispute. -You will also need to keep all of your receipts related to tolls and state fees for the vehicle. Here is the quick checklist for you to remember... 1.Copies of filed Form 2290 returns and schedules. 2.Vehicle records, even if a vehicle is registered in your name for only a portion of a reporting period. 3.Mileage records for any vehicles listed as suspended from tax due.


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