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Form 2290 (Schedule-1)

  • Efiling is simple, accurate and can be processed immediately. The Schedule 1 stamped copy from IRS can be downloaded after filing and carry for vehicle registration verifications.
  • All Your Information is stored safely in our system making future filings simple.
  • Receive Your Approved 2290 (Schedule-1) in less than 15 minutes.

Form 8849 (Schedule-6)

  • Claim for refund of excise taxes made easy
  • Supports Form 8849- Schedule 6
  • E-file Form 8849 in just few clicks
  • With SSN or EIN you can file Form 8849
  • Claim the amount overpaid by mistake in Form 2290
  • Claim refund for the tax paid on vehicles that were sold, destroyed or stolen.
  • Claim refund for the tax paid on the vehicle that was used less than the mileage limit.

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