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Thank you Nicole!! you are awesome! - Netsereab w asfha
Guaranteed fast response-love it! - Linda neigebauer
the service also I had some questions and the cutomer service team were great helping me out - Najeras Trucking LLC
FAST AND EASY - Myra Olson
easy to use and low cost - Evan Haar
I tried to e-file at another approved website and wasted 3 hours of my life trying to navigate through their forms. It was a nightmare. I finally just quit. Your signup and input of information was absolutely perfect and very reasonable fees as well. thanks for restoring my sanity. - Brian P Wallace
The site saved all my info from the 1st time I filed so the 2nd time I filed was super easy and fast:) - Denise Perkins
I didn't need customer support this year but they were very patient with me last year! I've already recommended them to others! - Vickie L Snively
The help buttons worked where ever there was a ? and I needed help. Other filers didn't. - KIM RUBY
SRT's patience with a lst time user. I appreciate the extra time he spent helping me understand the system. - Sakata Farms Inc
Quick response from customer support, very professional. I will use it again - Endalkachew Debebe
It is very easy and fast to file. Also, it is easy to add new vehicles. - Venko Begov
I liked being able to talk to some one who is helpful and polite. - Thomas E Ramirez
Easy to use. Inexpensive and saved the info from year to year. - MICHAEL V HENNIGAN
excellent customer support - Gary Heeren
The chat feature was very helpful. - Harold
Easy to use, and, this year, you filed and got back my 2290 very quickly! - Mike Mascow
Violet on live chat. She helped tremendously - Dennis J Ford
I had no ideal what or how to file and had lots of trouble but your staff violet help me step by step and walked me through it. I was very apprecative - Jan Hill
Tech support answers the phone. Thank you. - Soiland Resources
The whole process was so simple - Jessica L South
Easy to use, fast return!! - Geraldine Cronnolly
easy filing. did not have to go out of town to do. - Donald Compaan
I liked the fact that my stamped schedule 1 is available in seconds. Thank you!!!!!! - Ron Nuckles
Ease of processes. Good instructions. - John Ehmen
very simple and easy to use, very helpful customer support staff - Noah clarkson
kept me informed with timely email updates - KEITH J KENNEY
Exceptional Service, very professional - Mohammadamin
Competitive pricing, easy to use, - Paula Salinas
After getting help, it was great to use - Clyde Waninger
help stayed on line while I entered information - Tom Myers
Price, simplicity, trustworthy - Jeremiah Brown
It is so easy to use and the response time in quick! - Donnette K Giza
It's simple easy and trust worthy. - Barrie Rooney
it was an easy process in updating and filing - Kenneth Hampton
Excellent customer support staff's assistance. Loved it! - Kevin kipp
Easy to use, fast response to filing. - Wayne Bunnage Farms Inc
User friendly, fast, convenient and reasonable rate. - Charles Clifford Robbirds
keeps previous VIN's to renew; then you just add the new ones. - Mandy Kirksey
Excellent customer support staff help. Thanks! - Simpletrucktax
I called the customer service for help and the gentlemen was very polite, and very helpful. He was very patient and explained to me what to do and stayed on the line with me. Thank You - Joel E Matter
Excellent assistance from customer support staff. User-fridnly site. Loved it! - Ronald R Manuela
To be completely honest, I thought that it would be a lot more difficult to file through an online 3rd party, yet to my surprise the whole process was very easy and very informational. Thank you for your service. - Viktor Shpuganich
Simple to use and retains information from prior years - Kenneth Addison
It was quick and easy to navigate. - Larry Spracklin
Simple to use; reasonable price - John E Schumacher
The computer fill out the form for me by asking questions - Paulino Rosario
Super fast and easy to navigate!!! - Bradley Kamerman
First time using it. Took me a little while to figure it out. The online help was great - Rex Donovan Turnbull
It's just like the Name of the Company,,,Simple - JUAN C VILLASENOR
fast and easy to use! excellent customer support! - Kevin Jones
I received help by chat, by phone, by email, always available. - Araceli Cardenas anser back fast - Carlos Bucio
Low pricing, simple to use. - John Russo
Your customer service person walked me through each page and was patient. - Jerry L Miller
So much easier than the one I used to use. - Lynn Oldham
It was pretty simple to use and the instructions were straight forward. - Rodrigo Coronel
Easy to use. The fleet of buses was there from last year. - Kelly Self
There was a "real" person to talkme through it and help. - Susan Lazansky
No visit to the bureaucratic unfriendly antagonistic IRS office with their self important paranoid self aggrandized security officer. - Jeff Bartschi
It was user friendly - Achenbach Trucking LLC
ease and simple - Ademir Dizdarevic
Well named company because this is simple to use! And reasonably priced!! and fast!!! Truly great service - thank you! - Em McKnight
Simplicity of everything and the great costumer support. - Diane Nelson
Simple and easy to use and a lot cheaper than other sites I looked at. - Jeffrey Kempker
good simple to use - Jamie Salathe
Easy file and great Customer Service. - Lori Taylor
People to answer the phone and help me!! - Getz Farms INC
Very user friendly and very fast - Judy Russell
Fast and easy to use. - Vossler
Super easy and speedy response! - Henry Pooler
It's SIMPLE... You can't use anything simpler than this website! And I was excited to see the low cost fee and that you will notify us in advance for the next filing!!! It's a win-win situation! - Robert A Judkins
Easy to use at a fair price. - Grinnell Implement Store Inc
very simple, and best price in industry - CMA Logistics LLC
faster than visiting IRS office - Debra Clark
that its irs provider - Efren santiago rivera
Very easy to use thank you thank you. - Richard E Jones
You save the truck VINs - Soiland Resources
easy for last minute people like me. - Zoran Angelovski
simple to use at great price - SOLOMAN WILLIAMS
very east to file. great help from monica THRU LIVE CHAT - Jaspreet singh
It's user friendly and I don't have calculate anything. It was done for me. - Kimberly Crockett
Easy to use. VINs are easy to retrieve for the next filing. - RAMZ TRANSPORT
The filing was fast and easy - Stephen C Anderson
support, cost - Ron Schaeffer
simple, low cost and quick - Clement OConnor
very easy to use and not expensive - Jesus Lozano
Simple to use - Cole
I absolutely love the web site and fast service!!!! love it!! - Ora fleming
Everything. Simple to use. simple to understand. Easy to pay. Just simply perfect. Thanks. - Johnny Davis
It is both easy to use and inexpensive, plus I receive a reminder when my next filing is due. - Jerome Pitts
Help me lot for filling 2290 - Daljeet khaira
Very easy to use. Support from Viliami was helpful. Had tried other site with 24/7 support but no one was working the site or the phone! - Bass Sod Farm LLC
Ease of use and low fee, will definitely recommend to others - MICHAEL WARREN
Easy and fast! - Andy Burroughs Trucking
just easy - Lorenzo Anthony Williams Jr
Fast and easy - Onel Vega
I get my 2290 within minutes and the form was simple to complete. - Bevellies Whittaker
Quick and easy preparation,low price,acceptance by IRS very quick - Joy Mitcham
This was our second year filing through STT and as always it was a breeze! Thank to you this is no longer a chore to do! - Michael H Slonkosky
This site is a God send. Filing my 2290 has never been easier or cheaper!! Thanks for the great service you provide! - Michael H Slonkosky
Year 3 of filing and once again it was done in minutes! It doesn't get any better than this. The cost to take it to an accountant would be well over 100.00 so 6.95 is a fantastic deal and its immediately sent. No waiting to get forms back from your acct and signing them and sending in. Hit a few buttons and your done until next year!! - Michael H Slonkosky
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Low cost, easy to use. - Kilborn Farms LLC
customer service very helpful in answering questions on what I need to do. - Lynn Hargis
Simple and very easy to do. - Juan De Dios Garza
So much better than going to IRS and waiting in line. Was easy - Brent Sisson
easy and fast and reasonable price - Henok gebremariam
Simple, low cost, and saves my fleet info. Good combination. - Kilborn Farms LLC
Simple to file 2290/pay for. - Luis Amieva
This is so easy to use. Did not to have to do anything except upload data! Absolutely awesome... - Cumberland Farms Inc
clear instruction on filing the forms - Paulino Rosario
was able to make the changes with the help of the customer support. - Paulino Rosario
fast customer service and fast completion! - JEROME SCHACHERER
Thank you!! - David Wendel
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easy to use and inexpensive - William
Reasonably priced and easy to use - Stacy Atchley
Simple interface, super fast return and Schedule 1, literally in minutes... - Irina Kuzminskaya
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Super easy, super fast - Vern Campbell III
That is was easy, simple and it didn't take a lot of time. - Samuel Edwards
Easy to use, accurate, low price - Dannie Ford is so easy to use. I would highly recommend this to everyone . - Michael Damours
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simplicty - Kamal Mohamed
The cost and the easy use of the system. Having my documents on time! - Michael Wyche
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Quick and Easy - Pero Gajic
WOW, that was way easy to file better than the other co I was using. - Cumberland Farms Inc
immediate availability of schedule 1 - Kay
Friendly and efficient customer service - James l justice
did not have to wait for a pin number before I could pay and get a stamped receipt. - Philip L Hill
simple to navigate - Kathy linsner
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simple, easy to use, user friendly, representatives answered my questions - Jesus T Velasco
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They answered the phone and helped get it done - Richard Minyard
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easy to navigate - James Tolin
Easy Peasy - Harbir Gill
Easy to navigate. Helpful hints. - Dustin Kallmeyer
in the comfort of my home,in 15mns and a small fee, taxes paid. I used to spend 6hours waiting in IRS facility not to get money but to pay. Thank you - Tahar hammadi
you were easy to understand thanks you very muc - Keith R Scott
It was very easy to use. Filing fee for form 2290 was reasonable. - Sarbjit Singh
quickness of filing - Joetta Transport LLC
I liked the Customer Support they were very helpful and helped me resolve my rejection issue. Thanks!! - Juan De Dios Garza
Fast and easy! - Michael Serna Garcia
all the help - John Ruiz
Easy - Jeremy Davenport
definitely it was a great experience - JUAN C VILLASENOR
Cheap, showed pricing before I filed. - Shawn D Freed
Simple fast and they answered the phone when i called - Michael Philippart
Great customer service, they answered my call right away with a human. YEAH! - Michael Philippart
Easy to use. Easy to understand. - Karee Miller
Easy - Daniel D Bontrager
Only site that had customer service open yesterday for the federal holiday. The gentleman was very helpful and friendly. - David Castillo
Simple to use-quick response on getting what I needed. and affordable - Samuel Paul McMurry
easy and fast - Patricia S Frick
Quick and easy - Joseph Mebruer
I'm new to 2290 filings. I emailed support an amendment question before I set up an account. They emailed answer with instructions. I followed them and had the Sch 1 marked received in 10 minutes. - R B Robinson Contracting
easy to use - Floyd Shere Anderson
LOW PRICE - April Ellis
So easy to use and very cost effective - Tina Garner
easy to use - Tina Garner
Fast Response to my email! - John Gambill
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This was my first time using Simple Truck tax, and it was so easy. Everything is self explanatory and the cost is very reasonable. I typed in wrong vin and had to change it, I called and someone explained what I needed to do to correct. Very Simple! I will recommend to my friends. - Grissom Farms Inc
Quick - Eric Lynn Brown
My information is saved it takes no time to file. The price is lower than the other sites. - Jacob Moneymaker
This was my first time doing the 2290 application my self. I was afraid of doing something wrong. But this website is user friendly and the little (?) made it easier. The question mark tips were very helpful. - Felix Daniel Molina
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This program is so easy, it's the best money I've spent in a long, long time ! - Tina Garner
Was able to print my IRS approved form almost immediately. Also had a few questions and was able to speak to a representative right away to get the answers I needed. I usually file the form myself, but we needed this done right away so it was a nice option to have available and the price was quite reasonable. - Wendy Schaller
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Website was simple and easy. Never had to use customer support. Well worth the small fee. Thanks - Field Craft Farms LLC
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Had a slight problem with a needed address change your customer service was very helpful. - Vinton R Clarke
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irs approval is fast - Gerald Alan Bates
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I was really in a bind due to a time crunch. really was a blessing. While the other 2290 efile websites want 29.99 or more per file, Simple truck was much cheaper. When I had an issue due to a weird situation, I received an email back within minutes of sending one with a resolution to my problem. I was able to call a person who was able to help me out immediately. I will definitely use this website every year. Thanks again for your help - Patricia Burroughs
Thank you for such great service! You made our filing simple, easy, and fast! Monica was very helpful and patient - Dawn McEntire
Very simple and easy to use. My first time ever to file a 2290 and I was stressing but your website / services made it stress FREE!!! - Barbara Stahl Taylor
EASIER THAN ANY WE HAVE USED - Arthur C Partin - Simple steps to file your vehicles tax.

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IRS Form 2290 E-filing Help

IRS 2290 schedule 1

IRS needs two copies of schedule 1. This needs to be duly filled and submitted to the IRS along with the filled in copy of the Form 2290 while filing. The IRS will stamp one copy and return to you for use as proof of payment when registering vehicle(s) with a state.

IRS 2290 VIN corrections

VIN is Vehicle Identification Number. It is a 17 digit number allotted to individual vehicles. They are used to uniquely identify motor vehicles. IRS provides an option in Form 2290 to correct any mistakes done in the VIN in the previous filings.

IRS 2290 Amendments

Any change done to a previously filed return and filed again is called as an amended return. Form 2290 has a check box that needs to be selected, if the user wish to file an amended return.

Form 8849 schedule 6

Any refund for the vehicles that was either sold/ destroyed or stolen, used less than the mileage use limit or tax overpaid can be claimed using Form 8849 with duly filled return.

E-file Form 2290

Form 2290 is used to figure and pay the tax due on highway motor vehicles for any taxable period with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more.It is much simpler and easier to file your 2290 through an IRS-approved software provider

3 easy steps to file your form 2290 safe and secure online

1. Gather the list of resources you need to e-file form 2290 (Employer Identification Number(EIN), Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Taxable gross weight of the vehicle). Remember you cannot use your social security number

2. Choose an authorized form 2290 e-file provider

3. Choose your payment method (credit or debit card, electronic funds withdrawal,electronic federal tax payment system - EFTPS) and pay

Finally you will receive your stamped Schedule 1 from via email after IRS accepts your Form 2290.

Tax 2290 Online
IRS Authorized 2290 E-File Provider
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Tax 2290 Online
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