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Our Mission: Creating a Safer Work
Environment for Drivers

At Simple Truck ELD, our mission is to help create a safer work environment for drivers. We understand the importance of accurate tracking, management, and sharing of records of duty status (RODS) data. By providing a reliable and efficient solution, we aim to make this process quick and simple.

Synchronizing with Your Vehicle Engine for
Accurate Recording

Our product synchronizes with your vehicle engine to automatically record driving time. This feature ensures easier and more accurate hours of service (HOS) recording, eliminating the need for manual tracking.

Preventing Data Tampering and Driver Harassment

We prioritize the safety and well-being of drivers, which is why our software includes provisions to block data tampering. This feature helps in the prevention of driver harassment, ensuring a secure work environment.

Certified and Registered Solution

Simple Truck ELD is a certified and registered solution with the FMCSA. Our product fully meets the technical specifications required, guaranteeing compliance with regulations.

No Harmful Features or Manipulation Technology

We are committed to creating a safe working environment for all drivers. That's why Simple Truck ELD will never feature technology that can block your starter, cut off fuel lines, or any sort of kill switch in any of our products. Your safety is our priority.

Simple Installation Process

Installing our app on your smartphone or tablet is a straightforward process.

  • Simply connect the provided ELD device
  • Ensure that your Simple Truck ELD app is running
  • Start your rig, and you're good to go
  • Our solution takes care of the rest, allowing you to comply with FMCSA regulations effortlessly. It's as simple as that.
Developed by
Experienced Team

Simple Truck ELD was developed by the same team that brought you SimpleTruckTax.com for filing your 2290. With over a decade of success in building platforms, we are dedicated to delivering a safer work environment for drivers.

Tested and
Trusted Solution

Our solution has been extensively tested by several fleet companies and independent truck drivers nationwide. It has been proven to remain simple, quick, and accurate for all users on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Affordable and Easy to Use
ELD Service

We take pride in providing the highest quality, affordable ELD service on the market. Our goal is to make tracking, managing, and sharing RODS data easier and faster for both individual drivers and fleets.


Intra State Plan for FMCSA Compliance

In addition to our standard services, we also offer an Intra State Plan. This plan includes features such as hours of service tracking, DVIR, load sheets, self-certification, miles reports, FMCSA log submission, and Intra State certification by FMCSA Live.

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