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Form 2290 Consent to Disclosure

When you file an IRS Form 2290 to report and pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT), you may notice a section for “Consent to Disclosure”. This section allows you to grant permission for the IRS to disclose certain tax information to a third-party.

So, what exactly is Consent to Disclosure, and why is it important?

Consent to Disclosure allows you to provide written authorization for the IRS to disclose limited tax information to a third-party, such as a tax professional or E-file provider. This information may include the name, address, and identification number of the taxpayer, as well as the tax period, tax amount, and payment information.

Why is it important to grant Consent to Disclosure?

If you work with a tax professional or E-file provider to file your Form 2290, granting Consent to Disclosure allows them to access the necessary information to prepare and file your taxes accurately and efficiently. Without this authorization, they may not be able to access your tax information and could experience delays in filing your return.

In addition, granting Consent to Disclosure allows your tax professional or E-file provider to communicate with the IRS on your behalf in the event of any questions or issues with your return. This can save you time and the hassle of dealing with the IRS directly.

It’s important to note that Consent to Disclosure does not give the third-party authorization to receive a refund or make any tax payments on your behalf. It simply allows them to access and communicate limited tax information to complete and file your return.

To grant Consent to Disclosure on your Form 2290, simply fill out the appropriate section of the form with the name and address of the third-party, along with your signature and the date. Make sure to read and understand the disclosure statement before signing.

In summary, Consent to Disclosure is an important part of the Form 2290 filing process if you work with a tax professional or E-file provider. Granting this authorization can help ensure accurate and timely filing of your return.